Down in the Dumps

I must confess I haven’t been my usual perky self this past week. I’m actually a little depressed. First of all, I won’t see my dad for two weeks. Then, my brother won’t be home for Thanksgiving (thank goodness my sister will be here). My parents gave me just one half-slice of bacon over the whole weekend. The Bears haven’t been playing well. Our icemaker stopped making ice, which is the only low-cal treat I enjoy. Finally, there were the elections. Yes, I’m depressed.

You may be asking why a dog cares about elections. Well, I listen to my mom & dad talk, plus I listen to PBS on TV.  Every time I heard our president talk about how the former administration drove the economy into a ditch, I had to laugh. They didn’t drive it into a ditch; they drove it over a cliff in the Grand Canyon and jumped out so they could collect the insurance on the wreck. And yes, they are getting the keys back.

I like drinking clean water. Our newly elected governor, Mr. Corbett, pledges he will keep Pennsylvania as the only state in our country that does not tax any of the gas companies that hydro-frac wells, and he does not want to regulate them. Hydro-fracking can ruin the water table for a minimum of thousands of feet around each well. They’re drilling around here and my water supply may go up in flames – literally – because of the methane gas (along with the other toxins) that get into the water supply. Oh, guess how much money he got from gas companies for his campaign? About a million dollars. His opponent got some money, too. About $70,000. But since our new governor said he’s going to massively cut spending without taking anything away and balance the budget without raising taxes, he got elected. Great. What other magic tricks do you have up your sleeves?

You know, our president did a good job of pushing our economy back up from the depths of the Grand Canyon, and then tried to pass a decent financial reform bill so the crooks on Wall Street couldn’t get away with more shady derivative trading and lack of oversight. But some people didn’t like it, so he watered it down to include the ideas from the other party. Guess what? They still wouldn’t vote for it. Here’s another great idea from the right-wingers: let Wall Street take over Social Security. After all, big business always takes care of things so much better than the government, or so they say. Excuse me – have you been awake for the past ten years?

Our president tried to pass a decent health-care package. Some people from the other party didn’t like it, so he watered it down to that which had been proposed by beloved Republican Bob Dole. Guess what? They still wouldn’t vote for it.

Our president gave us the biggest two-year tax cut EVER in the history of our nation. Guess what? Most people think he raised our taxes. Truth is, they haven’t been lower in decades. Not that the truth matters.

Don’t even get me started on the tea-baggers. Any party that attracts violent racists, nazi re-enactors and a person who stomps on a women’s head and then demands that she apologize (after all, she was standing there) – well, I could just throw up on the dining room rug.

Our local schools aren’t too thrilled about the Obama administration. They used to get their grants just handed to them. Now they have to account for how they spend the money. They still get it, but it has to be used wisely. What a bother.

Bill Maher is right: “We have a center-right party, and a crazy party”. When are people going to realize that a person with 1990s Republican ideology is not a communist? My dad used to say “How bad can it be, no matter who gets elected?” My mom used to think that, too, until about ten years ago. Now, after unjustified and unfunded wars along with rampant corporate greed, executive abuse of power, and massive welfare for the wealthiest, we know better.

Here we go again.

Hey – the Bears won! Maybe things are looking up. Maybe the Supreme Court will realize that companies aren’t the same as people! By the way, can you name three justices on the Supreme Court?

I can name them all, and I apologize for my rant. But I feel better! I hope you have a great week, and I think I will return to my usual perky self soon. I love you!


About minniekamper

I am the world's best dog. I was born November 23, 1996 and I went to live with the world's luckiest family on February 1, 1997. I love bacon.
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One Response to Down in the Dumps

  1. Oh man Minn, don’t even get me started on all this. I love how people can’t even take the time to READ the health care bill before writing it off as “forced health care” that was created for the sole purpose of destroying our American values and ushering in a new era of socialism. Last time I checked, those same people were more than happy to use the freeway, sidewalk, and libraries. Of course, they should be concerned about those as well since they cause forced driving, walking, and reading.

    Sorry to rant. Ohio did not fare well this election.

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