What the ……

Mom & Dad used a new word at breakfast today. The word is “sausage”. What does that mean? I just don’t know. Well, I do know that breakfast came and went without my signature food, bacon. Same frying pan, but no bacon:

There’s something wrong about this. Where’s the bacon? I certainly hope this is fixed by tomorrow.

Regarding the driveway situation, I finally took things into my own paws and cleared all the tire tracks. I worked hard to make sure my brother would be able to make it up:

Doesn’t it look great? But, turns out, my brother isn’t coming home. Oh well, maybe in the spring. I’m beginning to forget what he looks like.

At least I know my sister will be home next weekend before she leaves to go to another country. My! People come and go so quickly here (that’s actually a line from the Wizard of OZ).

I love you!





About minniekamper

I am the world's best dog. I was born November 23, 1996 and I went to live with the world's luckiest family on February 1, 1997. I love bacon.
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