A Pick-Me-Up

You might have noticed that I’ve been a bit down because of the cold, snowy spring. Don’t get me wrong – I love bounding around in the snow, but this is just too much too late in the year.

I think Mom noticed my melancholy, so today she got me a little something to remind me that spring really and truly will get here eventually:

How lovely! A blooming blue hydrangea. I think I’ll put it in the dining room:

Wasn’t that thoughtful of Mom?

Yeah, sure. If I can’t eat it it’s useless. How about getting me a blooming bacon bush? That’s something I would appreciate.

I am enjoying my daily feedings a bit more now that there’s some added moisture. Honestly, crunching down on on kiln-dried hunks of god only knows what got old real fast. But a little bit of water goes a long way:

I think the White Sox have had a bit of melancholy, too. Hopefully things will be looking up for all of us. I love you!


About minniekamper

I am the world's best dog. I was born November 23, 1996 and I went to live with the world's luckiest family on February 1, 1997. I love bacon.
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4 Responses to A Pick-Me-Up

  1. Courtney says:

    Don’t worry Minn, Monsanto will have a bacon bush engineered soon enough.

  2. Courtney says:

    Also, I have a video of your brother hula hooping that I thought your mom might like (to accompany the new pictures up on my blog) but your brother refuses to give me her email address! Can you help me out Minn?

    • minniekamper says:

      You betcha! I’ll put it on your blog. Thanks for giving me my laugh of the day, except it really isn’t funny that Monsanto would, in fact, do that if it would make them money and/or help them corner the market.

  3. wolfie0728 says:

    Sparky Wolf from Pickerington, Ohio says, suck it up Minnie! We had tornadoes here last night that would have made your poor Potter County snow flakes melt. All are well, but the dogs never get to share, so thanks.

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