It’s Lonely….So Lonely

Big sigh. This morning Olive left, along with her mom and Mike. Gosh, we had a great (extended) weekend together. Here’s pics of Olive presenting me with my evening meal:


She made it extra delicious.

We got to Skype with my Iowa family! That was way cool.

Here’s my Christmas picture:

Olive and I have great tongues. Mike’s shirt inspired me. I really like the wooden play toaster at Mike’s feet along with the garbage at the side of the fireplace. It adds the “Christmasy” touch.

And now they’re gone. I really miss them. It makes me sad.

At least I still have the heat in the floor. Wait a minute….guess who’s coming tomorrow?

Kristy!!! Maybe she’ll let me take a new picture of her so I don’t have to keep showing this same basketball one over and over.

Drive carefully, everyone. I love you!


About minniekamper

I am the world's best dog. I was born November 23, 1996 and I went to live with the world's luckiest family on February 1, 1997. I love bacon.
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One Response to It’s Lonely….So Lonely

  1. PhillyDad says:

    Good pictures all around and if you ask really nice you may get updated pictures of Kristy and Mom.

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