A Stroll Around the House

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Coudersport the temperature is HOT. As in it reached an insufferable 85 degrees this afternoon. Oh, please, I hear you. “What, you think 85 is bad? We call that air conditioning!”

Well pardon me but one of the reasons we live in the middle of nowhere and struggle through brutal winters (except the last one) is because our summers are supposed to be three months of temperatures no higher than 76 degrees and we’ve gotten used to that. And sorry for the run-on sentence.

So when I took off for my afternoon walk, my mom said “Let’s keep it short, Minn. I don’t want you to get over-heated”. Code for “Mom is hot and doesn’t want to move”.

As with every walk, I began by reminding Mom where our front door is located:

Well, at least the general area. Next on my agenda is inspecting our hops plant:

My beagle nose senses its connection to the beer creation process. Something to look into.

Then I took off down the driveway but Mom nipped that move and dragged me back up to keep me in close proximity to the house.  What a wimp:


Here I am on the patio by Mom’s giant hosta. Don’t tell anyone, but that thing scares me. It reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors:

One final look at the great outdoors and it was back up the steps:


Maybe tomorrow it will be cooler and Mom can withstand something longer. Like a walk to the compost heap. There’s something to look forward to.

Hey, my brother isn’t feeling too well and had to go to the doctor. Hope you’re better soon, Mike. Actually, you need to get better before the Supreme Court takes away your health insurance, which they’re probably on the verge of doing. The Supreme Court – those people that decided big business has the same rights as a human being and can buy elections with unlimited donations, as demonstrated recently in Wisconsin. Such wisdom.

I love you!


About minniekamper

I am the world's best dog. I was born November 23, 1996 and I went to live with the world's luckiest family on February 1, 1997. I love bacon.
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