Thank You For My Daily Egg

I know that bread and egg don’t really rhyme, but it’s close. C’mon, I’m a dog, not an English major (like a certain mom and aunt and future sister-in-law).

I’m still loving my daily egg. It almost – ALMOST – makes getting jabbed with a gargantuan needle worth it. Here I’m anticipating the deliciousness while my dad gets it ready:


Soooooo good:

Did you notice the red spot on my shoulder? That’s blood gushing out of me at the injection site. And yet I stay calm. I am awesome.

Speaking of that, my dad made two awesome pizzas this weekend:

It’s refreshing to see my mom guzzling down something other than beer.

I’m thankful for something else – the heatage is on!!!

Warm floors are glorious. Unfortunately, I heard my mom ordering a propane tank refill, so as soon as she gets the bill, I’m afraid she’ll shut the heat down. I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts.

I’m also thankful for YOU, friends & family. Take care, and I love you!


About minniekamper

I am the world's best dog. I was born November 23, 1996 and I went to live with the world's luckiest family on February 1, 1997. I love bacon.
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1 Response to Thank You For My Daily Egg

  1. PhoenixvillePhil says:

    I got stuck with a needle today too. It was quite a bit smaller than the ones you see every day and was only for flu prevention not life sustaining.

    The last time I saw a pizza that looked that good I was in Chicago or was it the picture of the pizza that Kristy made last week. I will help you change out the banner in the back yard the next time I am home unless you want to do it yourself. Remember, winter is coming and you will need to stand watch on the wall so don’t get too comfortable on the warm floors.

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