Today’s Walk

I love going for walks with my dad. I love it WAY more than taking a walk with Mom. She expects me to actually move.

My dad, on the other hand, allows me to do whatever I want. Here I am at the start of my walk:


Five minutes later, I advanced to this spot:


And five minutes after that, I finally made it to here:


Do you really think that leash is necessary?

He even carried me up the stairs:


At least the walk back to the steps wasn’t very far. Like about five feet.

So today, I enjoyed my walk. I hope you get to take a nice walk, too, and I love you!

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Not Only The World’s Best Dog….

But I am also possibly the world’s coolest dog. And here’s the proof:

What’s next? I know….the world’s most interesting dog. Piece of cake.

Later. I love you!

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I Made It!!!!

Today is a very special day. Yeah, it’s the day after Thanksgiving. Yeah, it’s Black Friday. Yeah, it’s the official start of the holiday season (which really begins sometime around Labor Day, I think).

Today is……drumroll……MY SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY!!!!!

I know my parents weren’t sure if I would make it, but I sure showed them. I even celebrated a bit. Here’s my birthday cake/stuff:

I am lickin’ my chops in anticipation. There’s no bacon or beer like the good old days, but my parents infused it with this wonderful pumpkin-flavored stuff that my sister brought with her from Cleveland. It tempted me enough to give it a try:

I didn’t eat it all, but I at least I got some of it down.

So….Happy Birthday to me! I love you!

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Okay Now That That’s Done Can I Go Back To Being The Number 1 Priority Around Here??!!!!

My mom’s been distracted lately. I know that I perked up and didn’t need quite as much attention, but that’s no reason to kick me to the curb. She wasn’t constantly at my side making sure I was breathing, making sure I was comfy, giving me unlimited pets and ear rubs. Instead, she was sitting in front of a sewing machine. And here’s what came out of it:

Oh…… never mind. I think sometimes we all forget that there are LOTS of things more important than ourselves. Like kids and making them a Christmas princess dress. Sometimes we forget the world and everything on it wasn’t made for us, and maintaining our personal comfort and happiness isn’t God’s sole intent.

What the heck am I barking about? I am THE WORLD’S BEST DOG, and it’s all about me. Besides, I had a bit of a rough day today. I want my ears rubbed right now!

I feel better already. I love you!

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A Minor Rebound

I perked up a bit this past weekend. Mom’s trying to figure out why. I was kind of back to my old self, making the windows filthy guarding the house….


And taking walks…..


It sounded like our neighbors were attempting a home improvement project. Gosh, I thought only some type of nuclear bomb could accomplish that. Their house could be used to solicit funds for massive disaster relief.

When Mom was practicing the piano, I barked so loudly at the top of the stairs she was afraid I was going to try to get into the basement. Heck no, it’s because she was murdering Beethoven. I know my classics.

I even made it up the steps all by myself. Mom thought maybe hearing about Karl Rove melting down on TV and having to face the fact that he blew 300+ million dollars of his best friends’ money on a failed campaign cheered me up.

No, it was something way more special. I got fan mail from Tyler!

Here’s what the note said:

Dear Aunt Jinny please put this bookmark in minny fravret spot.

To:  Minny   Sinserly:  Tyler

You know what, Tyler? Mom will make sure that is ALWAYS in my fravret spot, and it will be in my heart forever. And you sure were a cute baby.

I love you all!

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The Old IV Just Ain’t What It Used To Be

My daily mini-dialysis fluid treatment isn’t working as well as it used to. My doctor warned us that this would happen, eventually. Here’s a pic of today’s fluid treatment. Katie & Courtney – don’t worry – I made sure it was okay for your kids to see this and it wouldn’t scar (or scare) them for the rest of their lives:

The awesomeness of me is frickin’ unbelievable.

As a result of the IV not working as well, I spend most of my day either throwing up (don’t worry, no pics of that) or doing this:

I haven’t peed in the house in weeks, so I still have that in my arsenal.

I mustered up the energy to stage this incredibly cute picture of my paw placement:

And I still like going outside, and standing in one place and sniffing. So as of right now, life is still good.

I love you!

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You Want Me to Sleep Where?

I usually greet each day at the same time with the same response. Right around 5:30 a.m., you can count on me to throw up. And lately, I might repeat this performance at various times throughout the day.

As a result, the horribleness of my my parents’ bedroom rug is beyond belief. Why don’t they buy one of those steam cleaners and use it every day?

No way am I sleeping on their disgusting rug. I’ve found a better haven:

My parent’s  closet is, of yet, new territory.

I’m slowing down, but I haven’t given up. I still am the cutest dog on the planet:

My mom started making Olive’s Christmas princess dress by cutting out the pieces:

Gosh, I hope I don’t… know what….on that. No way would Mom forgive me.

UPDATE – I just went outside, and made it up AND down the front steps all by myself. So there.

I love you!


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